Saturday, November 6, 2010

2010 Sun Moon Lake (Small-leaf cultivar)

Once again thanks to Gingko for this great tea!

I have always heard about Sun Moon lake tea, admittedly the "Red Jade" cultivar, and have always wanted to try some of this well known tea. Also it is Organic, at some point in time I would like to compare organic vs nonorganic tea from the same region. Also I would like to taste the difference between the "Red Jade" cultivar and this "Small-leaf" cultivar. The smell of this is spiced and sweet, it also smells like damp grass. It is a wonderful aroma.
Brewing the tea lead to an even more powerful aroma that lost it's spiced smell the sweetness changed to make it even more noticeable.
I could not wait to taste this tea.
Three wonderful infusions came from this tea, without any change really other then the flavor becoming weaker. This tea has a wonderful darkness to it. It is sweet yet there is this subtle flavor underneath that I am having a hard time to describe. It's not really spicy, but is a warmness that you can feel inside and taste in your mouth. What a wonderful feeling and calmness it creates. This is a wonderful tea and I suggest anyone who likes black/red tea to try it.
On a different note I am sorry I have not been posting as much. This was because sampling teas that I feel that I cannot blog about because they are frankly not my cup of tea. So I have an excess of Red Leaf Tea's products that I probably won't be drinking myself so let me know if you are interested in trying any. Also college applications had been taking up most of my time. Thankfully those are finished for now!


  1. Haha I remember college applications! It has only been about a year since I finished that whole process. Goodness how time flies after that though!
    Another thing, you may have to get creative with brewing and such because dorm rooms certainly do not give much room for that!
    Good luck to you on your college search!

    Great looking tea by the way, I am a bit jealous at present because I have been wanting to try Red Jade #18 cultivar for quite some time!

  2. I can't wait for time to fly!
    Yea I bet it can be a challenge, I just don't want a roommate who tries to smoke my tea, That happened to a friend of mine when I sent him a sample of tea.

    I really want to try it too! I want to compare it this Small-leaf cultivar I just had.