Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2010 Wild Orchid Fairy Twig (Lan Xiang Xian Zhi)

First off I would like to thank Gingko from Life in Teacup for this absolutely amazing tea!

Opening the package led to a smell of damp forest ground and a flowery sweetness that takes over the air. I could not wait to try this tea!
Waiting for the water to cool was just terrible. At 180 degrees I decided that I couldn't wait anymore. The brewing leaves were even more enticing then the dry leaves.
The first brew led to an amazing greenish yellow soup that had a rather fruity sweetness to it and yet still had a woody taste which created a perfect harmony of tastes. Also a very floral taste came out, an orchid like floral taste. I continued brewing this tea four more times and the flavor never really diminished.
This tea is truly a magical experience! I strongly suggest you try this tea.

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  1. Gingko's teas are quite something!
    I have enjoyed every one I have been lucky to try!