Sunday, November 28, 2010

British style

Sorry it has been such a long time. I have not had access to my computer in quite some time.

One day while in Florida I woke up to find a teapot on the table next to me. Apparently my parents bought me a new teapot. (probably an early birthday present I guess) Being it was opening day of Harry Potter and that the teapot looks like a snowy owl the pot quickly got the name Hedwig.
I have always wanted to try the British milk and sugar type tea. To me there has always been something odd about adding milk to water/tea. Being in the south I am used to sugar in tea, it is actually rare to get tea without sugar here. I thought it was about time I try milk and sugar in my tea.

I selected "Ceylon" tea from red leaf teas. This was because of it's British ties and because I didn't want to experiment on s better quality tea.

Plain Tea: Was very strong and tasted sort of like how damp earth smells. However it was surprisingly smooth with a bitter aftertaste.

Milk And Sugar Tea: The first taste was alright. I did not put a lot of milk in the tea but a sickly creamy presence was there. The liquor had a weird texture to it, almost like the tea was thicker and smoother. I did not like that. It has some merit and I am glad I tried it but frankly I don't think I will be trying it this way again, but you never know.

I do however want to try milk tea where you add tea leaves directly to the warm/boiling milk. I think this would get ride of some of the weird texture that I wasn't fond of.

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