Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2010 Kim Shin Ho Sejak

Another wonderful sample from Dao Tea!
I would like to start out by saying I do not drink a lot of green tea, but I have been inspired to try and drink more now thanks to this tea.

The smell coming from the broken package was that of wet freshly cut grass. It had a pleasant sweetness about it as well. The color of the leaves were that of a dark forest moss.
While brewing more and more smells came out. The sweetness was more apparent and the grass smell left.The soup was a yellow-orange color. Each brew had an unique bitterness to it. I got three infusions out of it. The first two were the same vegatal taste with the bitterness and a hint of sweet grass. The third infusion however was very different tasting. There was a different bitter that overpowered me at first but then as the soup sat in your mouth it became the vegatal taste.
All and all a great refreshing tea!

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