Tuesday, September 28, 2010

2009 Kim Shin Ho Balhyocha

Another sample from Dao Teas. Thanks again Matt and Pedro. Also Kim Shin Ho should be thanked for producing this amazing tea!
I opened the bag of 2009 Balhyocha, I had no idea what to expect, a wave of dark sweetness wafted out. The smell alone made my mouth water.

While brewing I could smell a bit of fruit but was not able to place what kind of fruit.
The first sip I took from this dark amber brew was just astonishing. It was spiced almost. It was not a really spicy just enough for a little kick. The sweetness and the spiciness were perfectly balanced. I got to experience three amazing infusions of this magical tea. The first infusion was very strong, but not overbearing. You could really taste the sweetness, which was a grassy kind of sweetness. The implacable spice was there as well.
The Second and Third infusions were a bit more mild but still fantastic. The Spice changed into a ginger sort of spice.

It is really hard for me to describe this tea. There are just so many tastes in it that I have never had the opportunity to taste. This tea is just so unique and has a kind of magic present in it. Kim Shin Ho is truly a tea master.


  1. Korean Yellow teas!
    Great works of art =]
    And wonderful pictures, Ian!

  2. Aren't they just amazing!
    Thank you that means a lot =]

  3. Pleasure sharing these teas :) Kim Shin Ho will be a very happy guy when he reads this. Thank you!