Saturday, September 25, 2010

2009 Kim Shin Ho Jungjak

First off I would like to thank Pedro of Dao Tea and Matt from MattCha's blog.
This tea is the first Korean tea I have ever gotten the opportunity to drink. So thank you for sharing.

After weeks of anticipation and waiting, mainly because the post office workers lost the package, I finally received the package. I opened it up and this tea was the first one to come out so I decided to try it first.
The smell that came out of the little silver sample package was so sweet and fruity with a hint of fresh cut grass. If only this is what the brew actually tasted like. Even while brewing this smell was all around. I thought I was about to experience a new kind of sweetness.
Needless to say my hypothesis was incorrect. The neon yellow brew was extremely bitter. Not just bitter but oleaginous as well. This is definitely not my cup of tea. The only positive I got out of this tea was the caffeine which I actually could notice unlike most teas I drink.

I can't wait to try the others though! I have already tried the 2010 Sejak and really enjoyed it.


  1. What brewing parameters did you use? It sounds like you over brewed it to me mate ;) I'd give this tea another chance. Perhaps try a teaspoon of dry leaf per 6 oz of 160F spring water for two minutes.

  2. I had it at 73C so 164 F so it wasn't too hot... I did however use tap water, though it comes from a well. I wish I could try it again but I am out of leaves :( I probably did do something wrong... hopefully next time that won't happen.

  3. I am kind of with brett on this one.
    Mess with the parameters a bit, because korean greens are quite good teas!

  4. They really are the Sejak was wonderful.